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Adam Roper

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Adam Roper was born on July 23rd, 1981 in Sydney, Australia. He is an actor known for his roles in Akoni (2021), Terra Incognita (2020), Nameless: Blood and Chains (2013-2018), Gods of Egypt (2016) and Deadly Women (2014).

Easy going and creatively aligned, he is a male member of the human race that is pretty grounded that continues to throw his hat in the ring and step up when the opportunity presents itself with street-smarts and a cutting edge attitude, all the while - never taking himself too seriously.


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My Voice Reel

"George" - Voice Acting - American Midwest/Southern

"Krith" - Voice Acting - Rough, Burly, Mercenary

"JazzCat" - Voice Acting - American, Gruff, JazzCat

The Doctor in Spite of Himself - Monologue

"Getting Married" - Monologue

"An Enemy of the People" - Monologue

"Vodafail" - Voiceover

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Adam Roper - Voice Reel

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