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Adam Roper

About me

Born in Sydney, Australia. I am an actor, model and voice actor known for my roles in Akoni (2021), Terra Incognita (2020), Nameless: Blood and Chains (2013-2018), Gods of Egypt (2016) and Deadly Women (2014).

I am an easygoing and creatively aligned, male member of the human race who is pretty grounded, continuing to throw my hat in the ring and step up when the opportunity presents itself, all the while - never taking myself too seriously.


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Narration - Meet Greta

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Accent - Generalised American #1

Accent - Generalised American #2

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Video Game - X12B

Character - American Hillbilly

Character - Mercenary

Character - Jazzcat

Character - Pompous Professor

Adam Roper

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